Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm currently cleansing my life of the unnecessary. I'm also severely afraid of turning into a hoarder. I've watched so many episodes of Hoarders on A&E and it's a very real fear for me. The voices of the interventionists were constantly in my head while cleaning my room and closet.

Part of my issue with parting with some of my too-small, never-worn, or out-of-season clothes is that I have so many great memories with them. But, I know, after moving four times this summer (into two dorms and two houses, not fun) it's really absurd to have as many things as I have.

And so, my great cleansing of the closet begins. A lot of the more worn articles have been inventoried and sent away to the Salvation Army. But, I'm going to be posting the cute stuff I love, but just don't have room for in my closet anymore.

I'm going to be selling some of the nicer, lesser worn things to you guys! I know that even though there isn't room in my closet for these cute things, they can find good homes in your closets!


College Prepster

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